Middle and High School Students

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Find Your Interests
Some people know early on in school what they want to do for work and career. But most don't. If you're in middle school you will have years to figure that out, and there's no need to make decisions now if you aren't sure. If you're in high school, this is a good time to think about focusing your time and studies.

A good way to start is to think about what you enjoy doing now. Finding your skills and interests can help.

Choosing Classes
To be sure you're prepared for the education and the training you will want, you'll want to be sure you have taken the right classes in high school.

High School Graduation Requirements
Do you have the grades and the classes you need to graduate from high school? Keep on top of your high-school graduation requirements.

SOL/PSAT And Standardized Tests
Standardized tests are a fact of life in our education system. Each main test of skills and knowledge has its own criteria. Learn more about them on the SOL/PSAT information page.

Types of Colleges
We have a number of different sorts of institutions of higher education in Virginia including two-year and four-year, public and private, nonprofit and for-profit. Take a look at the types of colleges to see what might work for you.

Choosing A College
How will you know if a school is right for you? There are so many, and every one has aspects that might work for you and others that may not. There are many things to think about and here are some tips to help you choose.

Colleges & Universities
A list of colleges and universities in Virginia.

Higher Education Centers
A list of education centers allowed to operate in Virginia.

Online Distance Education
Not all learning takes place in a classroom or even on a campus. If you're considering online or distance education, this page offers some tips.

Degree Search
If you're considering a certain course of study, you'll want to be sure the school you have in mind offers a degree in that field. This tool will help you figure out what degrees are offered at each school in Virginia.


Opps-cover23-24Opportunities Booklet
(Available in English and Spanish)

This guidebook highlights steps that should be taken in the application and financial aid processes for students in their junior and senior years of high school. Checklists are provided to help students stay on track as they navigate the pathways to higher education in Virginia. Information is provided on Virginia high school graduation requirements, state higher education institutions and resources, including federal and state financial aid. A glossary of terms and worksheets make this resource easy to read and useful for any high school student and family aspiring to pursue higher education.