The Virginia Plan Goals

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Virginia Plan Goals

In fall 2020, the Council established three goals for higher education: it should be equitable, affordable and transformative. The complete goals and strategies for Pathways to Opportunity: The Virginia Plan are shown below.

Goal 1 Equitable: Close Access And Completion Gaps

EquitableRemove barriers to access and attainment especially for Black, Hispanic, Native American and rural students; students learning English as a second language; students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds; and students with disabilities.

Corresponding Strategies

  • S1: Expand postsecondary opportunities and awareness to Virginians who may not view higher education as an option.
  • S2: Advance digital access, adoption and literacy, as well as high-quality, effective remote-learning programs.
  • S3: Strengthen student support services for persistence and completion: mental health, mentoring, career services, social, student basic needs, information technology, disability support and other services.

Goal 2 Affordable: Lower Costs To Students

AffordableInvest in and support the development of initiatives that provide cost savings to students while maintaining the effectiveness of instruction.

Corresponding Strategies

  • S4: Align tuition and fees, financial aid and state appropriations such that students have broader access to postsecondary education opportunities regardless of their ability to pay.
  • S5: Cultivate affordable postsecondary education pathways for traditional, non-traditional and returning students.
  • S6: Update and reform funding models and policies to improve equity, affirm return on investment and encourage increased and consistent levels of state funding.
  • S7: Foster program and administrative innovations that enhance quality, promote collaboration and improve efficiency.

Goal 3 Transformative: Expand Prosperity

TransformativeIncrease the social, cultural and economic well-being of individuals and communities within the Commonwealth and its regions.

Corresponding Strategies

  • S8: Support experiences that improve students’ employment outcomes, income and community engagement.
  • S9: Improve the alignment between post- secondary academic programs and labor market outcomes.
  • S10: Cultivate a climate of inclusion and innovation through scholarship, research, a diverse faculty and other programming.

These goals are the framework for The Plan’s 10 strategies and five measures as well as the vision of “Best State for Education” and overall target of 70% educational attainment of all 25 to 64-year old working-aged Virginians.

The priority initiatives serve as SCHEV's biennial actions to implement the strategies and work toward achieving the goals of The Plan.

 Pathways to Opportunity Priority Initiatives [pdf]