Institutional & Private Financial Aid

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Institutional Financial Aid

Types of Institutional Aid

  • Need-based or merit-based grants;
  • Scholarships;
  • Loans: Student and Parent loans; and
  • Work-study.

Application Process

The Financial Aid Office at each institution can explain what type of aid is available and the application procedures. Often, this information is available on the institution webpages.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines vary by institution. Contact your college financial aid office for details.

Private Financial Aid

Financial aid from private resources can be the most elusive of all aid programs.

Available From:

  • Local businesses;
  • Civic groups;
  • Churches;
  • Private benefactors; and
  • National organizations.

Where to Look

  • High school guidance counselors;
  • Write, call, or visit businesses, civic groups, churches, etc.;
  • Public libraries; and
  • The Internet. A couple of good websites to start with are: Fastweb and FinAid!


  • Utilize all free options from local high school, college, and Internet services first.
  • Exercise caution when utilizing professional help and only after exhausting all other free options. There are many organizations and individuals that provide services for a fee. Unfortunately, some of them are not looking out for your best interests.