• Toolkits for Students and Families

    Toolkits for Students and Families

    Use the available toolkits on each of the steps to begin your educational journey.

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  • G3 Program

    G3 Program

    A program which makes tuition-free community college available to low- and middle-income students who pursue jobs in high-demand fields.

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  • Insights by SCHEV

    Insights by SCHEV

    SCHEV's platform to interpret and communicate data and policy with the overall goal of informing policy-making, engaging institutions and drawing attention to these resources.

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  • Operating a school?

    Operating a school?

    Certification is required to offer or confer degrees, diplomas and certificates. For more information, visit the Private Postsecondary site.

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The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s coordinating agency for higher education. As an entity of the Commonwealth of Virginia government, SCHEV exists to serve the public interest and to assist the state’s system of higher education. SCHEV makes higher education public policy recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly in such areas as capital and operating budget planning, enrollment projections, institutional technology needs, and student financial aid. It administers a variety of educational programs that benefit students, faculty, parents, and taxpayers. SCHEV serves as a catalyst to promote greater access, quality, affordability, and accountability throughout the system.

SCHEV values honesty, quality, diversity, inclusion, growth-orientation, personal well-being, equity, transparency and accountability. Through these values, we create a welcoming work environment that represents the best of who we are as an agency and as individuals.


Key Facts About Higher Education in Virginia